What The Changing Seasons Taught Me (Plus Fall Photoshoot)

My realizations about the changing seasons, plus a fall photoshoot!

It’s the first day of fall tomorrow. The trees are changing, and the grounds are suddenly covered with yellow, crunchy leaves.

Gone are the warm summer days and the endless fun under the sun. While we all love the cool breeze of autumn, we know for sure that it signals the coming of the inevitable: the dark, cold winter.

Before coming to Canada, I didn’t get the full sense of the four seasons. I just know there’s winter, spring, summer, and fall. I thought it must be like in the Philippines, where the seasons change from sunny to rainy. No biggie.

Living here for three years, however, gave me a more meaningful understanding of the changing seasons.


Dark and gloomy. Sickening cold. Painful confinement.

That’s how I would describe winter. The days are shorter because the sun sets very early and rises quite late in the morning. The grounds are mantled with snow, and the cold outside can get unbearable (remember I’m from Winterpeg, errr Winnipeg). We rarely go out on weekends, simply because it is a hassle to go anywhere. Imagine wearing triple or sometimes, quadruple layer of clothing just to put the trash out. It can get really lonely and sad during this season.


The morning after. The light at the end of the tunnel. Muddy puddles.

Spring is when the flowers bloom, and the tree leaves return. We can now wear light coats, and stay outside longer. While it is still muddy outside, we can’t complain as this season gives us hope after the dark months of winter. It is much like a glimpse of the upcoming carefree, wild, and sunny summer.


Aaaaaah, who does not love summer? Putting aside the fact that daycare fees are skyhigh, there is nothing to hate about summer!

Children are out of school. Weekends suddenly get fully booked with beach and camping trips. Days are longer. Imagine going to bed at 9 p.m., with the sunshine still beaming through the windows. Because of that very reason, people stay outdoors and are generally happy everyday.


Leaves falling. Crunch sounding. Sunny yet cool.

After two short months, denial kicks in, as fall finally makes its way back to the scene. The breeze is cooler. School’s back, and everyone settle back to the usual routine of work and school. Bye bye vacation!

Back when I was still living in the Philippines, I never appreciated summer. It is always sunshiny there. Although there are rainy days, they are quite short and sporadic so people never really experience being confined in the house for so long just because of the weather.

The cycle of season changing goes on and on each year. Cheesy as it may sound, I can compare it to real life. There’s winter – the hard and dark moments, where we sit still, and bear the pain of problems; spring – hope comes and we realize that no hardship stays forever; summer – the most triumphant days of our lives, where everything seems to be going right; fall – where we are slapped back into reality and we see the beauty of balance between joy and calm.

I must say fall is my favorite. I like the striking contrast of sunshine and cool breeze outside. It also reminds me that life on Earth is an ever-changing cycle. We cannot live with only one season all our lives. To enjoy the best summers, we need to undergo the darkest winters.

Today, we went to the park and chase around the last rays of sunshine left this year. We had so much fun with friends! Thank God for this beautiful day. 🧡

We enjoyed taking these photos so much, and I hope I was able to emanate that to you somehow.

Fall is beautiful. Pruning is beautiful. Winter may come, but spring comes in the morning. Before you know it, your happy, summer days are ahead. So embrace your season. Go through the changes with bravery and watch yourself come out victorious.