Fun Weekend Breakfast Idea You Can Make With Your Kids

Learn how to make easy, home-made Tiktok crepes, even kids can do! Perfect breakfast idea!

Hello everyone! Today, I ‘ll be sharing with you a fun breakfast idea you can do with your kids. It is so easy! It is the tortilla hack made famous by TikTok. For our version, we used homemade crepes, which recipe, I will also share below. Read on…

Just a little side story before we proceed… I’ve been contemplating lately what to do with my blog. I love to write, and that is the main reason why started this. However, I am being compelled to take it a notch higher. I am thinking of focusing on parenting and maybe develop tools that will help my readers with that. But I also want to keep on writing my heart out when I want to. I mean, it is a blog, and that is essentially what it means, right? So, for now, I’ll just keep on posting, sharing and experimenting, and go from there. I’ve been praying about it lately. My church friends told me that I just have to stick to the bigger purpose and that is to help and inspire other people as that will bring honor to God. The rewards will follow for sure. If it is not too much for you, my dear readers, I hope you can also give me ideas and brutally loving feedback as to which direction this blog should tread. Any comment would be highly appreciated!

Ok, back to breakfast…

We literally just finished eating, and Van and I had super fun making it so I thought I’d share with you. For this recipe, you can use either store-bought tortillas or crepes. If you don’t have that in your pantry, here is a super easy crepe recipe. You just need three ingredients!

Easy Crepes

I cup flour

1 and 3/4 cup milk (we used Oat Milk but you can use whatever milk)

2 eggs

Combine all together. Pour nicely on a hot skillet and make sure they are thinly and evenly spread out. See Van in action below.

Three-ingredient crepe, what could be easier than that?
Whisk, whisk, whisk!
Caution: HOT!
Younger kids need close supervision on this.

The recipe yields four large crepes. Now that you have your crepes, the fun begins!

Gather spreads, fruits, jams or any ingredient you and your kids would like to put into your crepe. For us, we chose Nutella, cookie butter spread, crushed Oreos and sliced fresh strawberries (gotta incorporate something healthy, you know lol).

Here’s our lineup of breakfast warriors.

You can also use savory ingredients like egg, sausages, bacon, mayonaise, ketchup, yogurt. You do you. 😊

Now, it’s assembly time! First, cut off the crepes halfway through the middle as shown below:

You will end up having imaginary quarters. Put each ingredient in their own quadrant.
Kids can easily do this and practice their creativity too.

Now, fold them to make a traditional triangle crepe. Start by folding the left, lower quadrant towards the left, upper quadrant, then fold towards the right, upper, and finally towards the right, lower part. Ok, that sounds more confusing that it actually is. It might be easier to take a look at Van in action below.

Grab the left, lower quadrant. Fold it towards the left, upper quadrant.
Fold the now combined quadrants towards the right, upper quadrant.
Fold them all together towards the last quadrant (right, lower)
There you go – a perfect triangle!
You can press it into a panini maker or simply toast in the same skillet for that added crunch.
Tada! Fun, easy breakfast crepe, even kids can do!

They are delicious and really easy to do. On top of it all, we had fun! I think involving kids in the kitchen is a good way of honing their creativity, responsibility, knowledge of food and nutrition, and appreciation for the resources we are blessed with.

Good morning!
Please excuse my puffy, woke-up-like-this face

That’s it. I hope you were able to learn a thing or two from this post. You don’t necessarily have to follow the entire thing as we did. You can get creative with your kids and even involve them in planning. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes this uniquely fun.

I hope to share more fun bonding activities that you can do with your kids or even your other family members. That’s kind of what I am aiming for when I said earlier in this post that I feel like I want to this blog to have a more focused direction. Let me know what you think.

Happy weekend to all!

See you on the next one!